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Covid 19 - Working in your home

Welcome to your safe working guide...
Everything you need to know about having work done in your home safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, lifestyles and attitudes around practically everything has changed. However, as the situation evolves and we emerge from the crisis, there is now an even greater respect for health and safety than ever before. 

So, we have produced this safe guide to assure our customers that when it comes to any insurance repairs undertaken in your property, your health and safety is of paramount importance to us.

Please use this safe guide as your reference to make sure that our staff and trades people undertaking any works in your property are adhering to this advice and the latest government guidance from both central and devolved governments in the UK.

This guide highlights the checkpoints you might encounter before, during and after any works are undertaken.

If you are having a survey/damage assessment visit followed by repair works, this safe guide should help you make sure our operatives/trades people operate in line with the latest government health and safety guidelines.

Everything you need to know...

How can you prepare your home before any work starts?

How can you prepare your home before any work starts?

Undertaking a healthy home assessment not only protects the health of those living in your property, but also safeguards the health of any tradespeople entering and working in your home.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there anyone with underlying health conditions living in the property?

  • Is there anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 living in my home?

  • Are there any sick or elderly people living in my home who could be affected by external tradespeople?

  • Will anyone (such as tradespeople or surveyor) visiting my home be affected by working in my home?

  • Can I isolate anyone who is sick or elderly from the tradespeople in my home?

What should you do when letting workers into your home?

When you decide to use Betacove Ltd as your approved contractor to carry out the repairs at your property, it is advisable to:

  • Agree a suitable arrival time

  • Ask them to provide details of the tradespeople who will be working in your home

  • When the company’s employees (e.g. surveyor or tradespeople) arrive ensure you maintain and observe the government recommended 2 metres social distancing guidelines (1m if not possible)

Betacove Ltd Staff and trades people will:

  • Show you identification – particularly at the point of survey and repair

  • Follow the government health and safety guidelines

  • Wear the required personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary

  • Confirm that none of them have shown signs of COVID-19 and will ask you to confirm the same

  • Confirm they have been briefed on health and safety awareness and the prevailing government guidance

What is the government guidance for tradespeople?

The government have issued the following guidance: 

Government guidance is subject to change at short notice.

  • A tradesperson can continue work in a domestic home, providing that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms of COVID-19

  • A tradesperson/company should notify all homeowners in advance of arrival

  • On entry to the home, tradespeople should wash their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds

  • Tradespeople should wash their hands regularly, particularly after blowing their noses, sneezing or coughing, and when leaving the property

  • Where facilities to wash hands are not available, hand sanitiser should be used, and tradespeople should carry this with them at all times

  • Tradespeople should maintain a safe distance (at least 2 metres) from any household occupants at all times (1m if not possible)

  • Tradespeople/Companies should ensure good ventilation in the area where they are working, including opening the window

  • No work should be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless the work is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, such as an emergency repair

  • No work should be carried out by a tradesperson who has COVID-19 symptoms, however mild

Government guidance correct as at 4th July 2020 and is subject to change at short notice.

Has Betacove Ltd issued any specific guidance to their staff and tradespeople?

In addition to the government advice, Betacove Ltd have asked that all workers should:

  • Work to this safety guide or something similar that references the government guidelines

  • Make sure their employees are safety aware and are adhering to government health guidelines

  • Work 2 metres apart at all times (1m if not possible)

  • Wear gloves and/or face coverings when in enclosed spaces where required

  • Have hand sanitiser available and make a commitment to frequently clean/wash hands

  • Be aware of which areas of your home they can enter – please make it clear which parts of your property that are prohibited

  • Have floor coverings (dust sheets) laid out where required and in some cases taped to the skirting

  • Eat food away from the property – either in their van or outside

  • Bring their own food and drink for refreshment breaks and lunches

  • Make their own plans for any access to washroom facilities/toilets unless they have your permission to use your facilities

  • Make the work area safe each day

Will workers wear personal protective equipment when in your home?

The type of PPE used by a tradesperson will depend on the type of activity being carried out and whether the job is being undertaken inside or outside your home.
PPE may include items such as masks, safety helmets, gloves, eye protection and high-visibility clothing. You should also note that COVID-19 can be transferred from PPE and other surfaces such as fabrics, plastics, metals, wood and glass. It is therefore advisable not to touch any PPE or other materials that are being used in your home until the job has been completed and all surfaces thoroughly cleaned with soap and water or chemical cleaners where suitable

Have Betacove Ltd issued this safe guide to their staff and trades people?

Yes, we have issued this safe guide in training and digital format to all our staff and trades people.
Betacove Ltd recommends that all its employee’s operating in our customers' homes adhere to the highest industry standards and must follow the latest government and Public Health England guidance.

Is it safe to use an Insurance approved contractor?

Choosing to use an insurer approved contractor in the current climate should be safe and easy if you have observed the precautions outlined in this guide.

Is there a health & safety checklist?

Yes, there is a health and safety checklist. Betacove Ltd will have carried out a health and safety assessment in relation to your repairs. The assessment should include:

  • Can the tradespeople work 2 metres apart? (1m if not possible)

  • Have customers, suppliers or anyone they live with shown any signs of COVID-19?

  • Are there facilities for tradespeople to wash their hands or use sanitiser at work?

  • Where required, do all tradespeople have sufficient appropriate and fully adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves?

Confirmation that you are happy for Betacove to continue with the works to and within your home

Thank you for taking time to read this guide we hope that this shows that our customers health and safety is of upmost importance to us. Whilst we will always endeavour to reduce the risks with regards to Covid-19 clearly a level of risk remains with people working / living together,  please confirm that you understand this document and the risks of people working in your home and that you are happy for works to proceed.

I agree to the Betacove Covid 19 -
Working in Your Home Policy

This form confirms to your agreement for Betacove, its surveyors, building staff and contractors and suppliers to work within your home in accordance with this

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