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Betacove Suppliers Network Contractors

The Betacove Suppliers Network is made up of high quality, vetted and compliant suppliers and contractors.

The Network supports Lighthouse Club, the construction industry charity. 

The Betacove Suppliers Network consists of three main groups of suppliers. They are,

  1. Main Contractors SSIP

  2. Micro-Contractors of less than 5 staff typically Betacove Passport Members

  3. Specialist contractors for restoration and specialist items. 

All members of the Betacove Suppliers Network are fully compliant with the registration and ongoing compliancy checks carried out by Betacove. ​


Main Contractors

This section is applicable to all of our main contractors that, are fully registered with the appropriate trade bodies and maintain their own SSIP registration, CHAS or similar.

plumber at work in a bathroom, plumbing repair service, assemble and install concept_edited.jpg

Suppliers Passport Scheme Members

Members of the Betacove Passport Scheme are fully approved by Betacove for their health and safety compliancy and training processes supported by the Betacove Passport Scheme


Specialist Contractors

A group of individual specialists and engineers for all of those bespoke repairs and maintenance issues

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