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Seven reasons to chose Betacove

Here at Betacove we repeatedly measure the services we deliver to our customers. 

Monitoring our services across a set of defined performance measures, we review them together as a team. Acting upon any suggestions and issues found, we constantly look to learn and improve our services. 

Betacove has developed a culture of continuous improvement, adapting our processes and procedures from lessons learned, customer feedback and new ideas.

Characteristics of a good KPI is a ‘SMARTKPI:

  • Specific

    – it should be clear what is being measured

  • Measurable

    – it should be measurable against set standards

  • Achievable

    – target a realistic/achievable goal

  • Relevant

    – it should offer insight into overall safety performance

  • Timely

    – KPI’s should follow a set time-frame


1. Betacove Customer Satisfaction

Betacove is committed to Customer Satisfaction

Having work carried out at your home can be stressful at the best of times. 

Here at Betacove we try to make the whole experience just a little bit better. 

We make sure that from your first contact with us through to the completion of your works on site, we always do our best for you and your family.

We consistently measure your feedback on how we are doing, using the Net Promotor Scoring system.

Handyman on the Phone

2. Betacove, A Job Well Done!

Quality workmanship is at the heart of our delivery

Ensuring the best quality work is done the first time and every time with zero defects is at the hear of our business performance.

This no brainer builds trust, reduces costs and enhances our reputation. 

Handsome and confindent professional wor

3. Safety First

Betacove always put health and safety FIRST

Customers, staff and the general public are centric throughout our Heath, Safety & Environmental Planning. Betacove Operates a non nonsense approach to our site safety.

We measure, monitor and deliver safe sites and we are  proud of our commitment to health, safety and the environment

Standard construction safety,safety firs

4. Betacove People & Family Values

Here at Betacove we believe in developing our staff and creating a great team. Training, progression and opportunity builds a business of consistency, reliability and commitment. Our team have been together for a long time.

Workers In Family Business Standing Next

5.Best Value Betacove

Here at Betacove we never compromise on our job well done ethos with cheep or low quality products or untrained staff. Working with Betacove customers can be confident that;

  • Products and materials are always to the correct standards, quality and approvals.

  • Trades staff and professionals are correctly qualified and registered with the appropriate trades bodies with the correct training and up to date records. 

  • Professional staff are appropriately qualified and carry the correct qualifications and certifications.

  • Contractors are vetted and compliant and correctly registered. 

All aspects of Betacove are fully compliant, insured and registered. we are proud of our corporate awards and registrations.

Row of typical English terraced houses i

6. The Environmental

Betacove is proud to be awarded ISO 14001 Environment, monitoring and controlling the ongoing environmental impact of our construction operations. By managing the use of natural resources, energy and waste we hope to improve our corporate image and credibility,


7. We Pride Ourselves on our Reputation

We are proud of our reputation and we strive to always improve by  maintaining these values.

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