We manage our performance to make sure we deliver against our core principles to deliver the best of services to you.

Seven Reasons to use Betacove!

Betacove's Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Here at Betacove we repeatedly measure our services that we deliver to our customers.  We monitoring our performance weekly and collectively review them with the whole team every Thursday. Acting upon any issues found we constantly look to learn and improve our services. 

Betacove has developed a culture of continuous improvement and adapt them to all of our processes.

Here at Betacove, we think if you want to be the best you must keep learning form our customers feedback and suggestions.

Characteristics of a good KPI

A good KPI is a ‘SMART’ KPI:

  • Specific – it should be clear what is being measured

  • Measurable – it should be measurable against set standards

  • Achievable – target a realistic/achievable goal

  • Relevant – it should offer insight into overall safety performance

  • Timely – KPI’s should follow a set time-frame


If you’d like more information about our performance management why not drop us a line.

1. Betacove Customer Satisfaction

January, 2021 Key Performance Measurements

Betacove is committed to Customer Satisfaction

Having work carried out out your home can be stressful at the best of times. Here at Betacove we tried to make the whole experience just a little bit better. We want to make sure that from your first contact with us through to the completion of your works, we will always do our best for you and put you first. We measure how we are doing using the Net Promotor Scoring system. 


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