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4. Betacove Family Values

January, 2021 Key Performance Measurements

Here at Betacove we believe in developing our staff and creating a great team. Training, progression and opportunity builds a business of consistency, reliability and commitment. Our team have been together for a long time.

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Meet some of the Betacove team

Working together to deliver a 'job well done'


Gary Lester - Chairman

Experienced Managing Director with a history of growth and change management.  

Working predominantly in the facilities and services industry, my career has tended towards leading business transformations and business growth. This has typically meant, assessing business strengths and weaknesses and bringing together holistic planning strategies through numerous solutions, including:

•Construction and delivery of company business plans

•Bidding strategies in Social Housing, FM, Insurance Reinstatement and General Building & Maintenance  

•Technologies and the adoption and mobilisation of new business systems,

•Staff restructures, development, inclusion, training and succession planning,

•Customer strategies and business development

•Service delivery, compliancy, performance measures and reputation enhancement

•Focused on cash and bottom line margins, budget setting and delivery and P&L

•Development of short, medium and long term business planning monitoring and delivery

My experience brings together skills in Social Housing Asset Management, Responsive & Planned Repairs, Value Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Contracting, Mobile Workforces, Cost Management, Customer Relationships and Business Development,

Planning and Delivery.

Betacove in a word, 'Passionate' 

Construction Worker

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Surveyors, Office & Management Staff, Come Work with Us

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Betacove welcomes your application, please try and complete this form in full. The last question asks for about you, feel free to tell us all about why you suit the role...

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How does Betacove focus on it's people?

Our commitment to our people and family values, Performance Measurement

We use three measures and monitor them on a quarterly bases to ensure we focus on our team and their careers here at Betacove. Just by meeting our team you can tell that they are a focused group of people that are engaged in their roles and enjoy each others company. We actively promote social occasions so have fun too. 

  1. Training, ensuring all of our team get the right training, we are focused on our training weekly, monthly and yearly. KPI % of Staff Compliant with our training programme. ​​

  2. Staff Bonus Scheme, we run a staff bonus scheme based on our core values with 50% based on the added value by teamwork. KPI % result of the group in delivering the business core values.

  3. Staff Feedback, a quarterly review and staff feedback forum. The business looks to learn and build from staff consultations. 


Betacove Year to Date Staff Training Compliancy Score 98%  

February 2021

Betacove Year 2020-21 Year to date Training Compliancy. Recorded from August 1st - to current date.

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